Congratulations to our 4 entrepreneurs from the 2017-2018 season.

Find out more about each winner’s company values, mission statements, and contribution to New York City - we are proud to be
able to provide these small businesses the legs to expand their company and make a difference within the community.


Open Style Lab

Initiated at MIT in 2014, Open Style Lab is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating innovative garment solutions for people with disabilities. As a thought leader and R&D think-tank, OSL serves to fill the gap in the current market for adaptive clothing by pioneering research where the universal tool integral to an individual’s ability to engage with the surrounding community.

Reign Maker

Reign Maker is a drone operator and robotic solutions developer for industrial projects in the NYC area. Their projects have included bridges, highways, cell towers, building facades, and waterways. Using drone devices, Reign Maker is able to collect geospatial data and imagery that is used for engineering design, inspection, and asset management.


Just Soul Catering

Just Soul Catering is a justice involved social enterprise, striving to serve customers with delicious food at affordable prices. They help to break down barriers to employment by hiring formerly incarcerated individuals and teaching them valuable skills to help in re-entering the workplace.

Fable Foods

Fable Food’s mission is to be a year-round local source for high quality food, using organic practices. Not only do these practices create healthy produce, but also a healthy environment. Fable aims to provide this produce to local members of their community as well as farm-to-table chefs. They grow in the most sustainable way possibly by using tech advancements such as greenhouses, hydroponics, and vertical farming.